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The CNSB's research contributes valuable biomolecular datasets to the public domain that are widely accessed by the broader research community. These datasets catalogue the macromolecular networks of diverse models such as mammalian tissues and microbes.

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Network systems biology – the study of the spatiotemporally dynamic physical and functional interactions of biomolecules in diverse complex biological systems that are crucial to human health and disease – is an emerging strength at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. Elucidating the biological networks that drive cancer development and metastatic pathology is fundamental to a deeper mechanistic understanding of neoplastic processes and their causal links to drug resistance and clinical outcomes. Network systems biology is expected to drive cancer research in the coming decades. The CNSB, led by Prof. Andrew Emili, aims to implement innovative spatial proteomics and functional proteomics strategies to advance the field.

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SARS-CoV-2 Infection in iAT2 cells

Mouse brain

Mouse heart

Mouse tissue

TGFβ induced EMT

1024x1024 BrCa3CL – Scalable multiplexing CF - MS platform

BrCa3CL – Scalable multiplexing CF – MS platform

Human soluble protein complexes

Metazoan complexes

Protein-Metabolite interactions 1024

Protein-Metabolite interactions

Membrane proteins

eMaps – Protein Synthesis

eMaps – Cell Envelope


1024x1024 Soluble proteins

Soluble proteins eNet

1024x1024 Yeast tap

Yeast tap

Yeast membrane

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