CNSB is devoted to research excellence and ground-breaking partnerships with leading academic and industry partners through the development of cutting-edge technology, by assembling first class scientific expertise, and by offering exceptional training opportunities.

What is Network Systems Biology?

Network systems biology – the study of the spatiotemporally dynamic physical and functional interactions of biomolecules in diverse complex biological systems that are crucial to human health and disease – is an emerging strength at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.
Elucidating the biological networks that drive cancer development and metastatic pathology is fundamental to a deeper mechanistic understanding of neoplastic processes and their causal links to drug resistance and clinical outcomes. Network systems biology is expected to drive cancer research in the coming decades.

Cutting Edge Technology

By building a highly ‘transformative’ scientific platform, the CNSB aims to be a disruptive research enterprise synonymous with academic excellence, translational impact, and technological innovation for years to come.
We use state-of-the-art infrastructure to solve major questions in biomedicine. CNSB is establishing exceptional facilities for protein labelling, quantitative mass spectrometry, and integrative bioinformatics. Armed with this array of advanced technologies, CNSB aims to chart previously unknown interaction networks in normal and disease states to uncover the mechanistic basis of essential biological processes, like growth and development, and their disruption in pathological states leading to cellular transformation, malignancy, and metastasis.

First-Class Expertise

The rapidly growing research team at CNSB is renowned internationally for their pioneering studies at the forefront of Functional Proteomics, Precision Mass Spectrometry, and Network Biology. Our group has a proven track record of innovation, securing funding and successfully executing high collaborative, large-scale, goal-drive biomedical research projects.
CNSB has assembled exceptional group of scientists focused on generating, analysing and translating molecular interaction networks to illuminate fundamental biological systems and their roles in human disease. With our exceptional expertise in high-throughput mass spectrometry, unbiased (phospho)proteomic surveys, and global interactomics, members of the Emili lab * have produced landmark studies. Since 2000, our team has performed >45,000 mass spectrometry experiments and we have reported tens of thousands of protein interactions across diverse model systems, ranging from unicellular microbes to human and other multicellular organisms, in over 300 high impact, highly cited publications.

Exceptional Training Opportunities

CNSB seeks talented, earnest, and creative individuals to join our team. Reach out today to learn more about opportunities for a bright future with our group.
Our trainees engage in fast-paced biomedical research projects that provide experience in Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Proteomics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics, that provide them with exceptional skills, personal confidence and future career opportunities. CNSB empowers a lifetime of scientific inquiry, discovery and fulfilment.